Timber Decking Your Garden


With the economy as it is and budget cuts on the way, rather than paying the extra for a professional, why not lay the deck on your own? This is one of the few types of do-it-yourself household items you can do without being worried about blowing up the house, however make sure to fix it properly because you do not want to have your barbeque party rolling in the mud when the times comes to use the deck. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Find durable materials

The trick to a good deck is the material. Different types of wood have different properties and based on the environment in which you live in and the environmental conditions the deck will have to withstand, the type of wood to be used will be different. There are also composite materials which can be used instead which tend to be more efficient and cheaper than timber. If you still however want to use timber, there are specially the best engineered bamboo flooring which can be used which have proven to be very effective in the Australian climate.

Get it approved

Different cities have different building regulations on decking and new additions. If your municipality does regulate the use of decking in your house, the height at which it will be built and the ground cover may become problems later on when you may want to sell the house. Thus, to ensure no problems arise in the future, get the approval before you construct it.

Assembly and base

The base is what holds up the structure and depending on the size and the activities you have planned for the deck, make sure to have a strong foundation. While there are no set flack pack decks, you will most likely get the treated timber in the form in which you receive flat pack cabinets and the assembling is not much different. Ask your carpenter to cut the timber to the exact length, thus you only have to assemble and nail it down at your home.

Support Frame

Make sure to include in your design the support frames and joints. While assembling the timber planks is easy, it is the building of a stable frame which has been adequately balanced which is the hard part. For this purpose you will need accurate measurements, measuring tools and adequate fasteners. Make sure to get the proper sizing for beams required to support the functions or activities to be had on the deck and to have fasteners which can hold up the same.


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