How To Pack Items For A Big House Move


Packing for a big move may seem like an impossible task and you may wish to procrastinate every time you think of the task ahead of you. But, ensure that you leave enough and more time to pack before the big day. Moreover, the first step in this process would be to make an inventory of the items you wish to move with you in order to reduce the possibility of misplacing or losing your valuable items.

Packing Fragile Items

As no individual would want to watch their priceless china plates falling through a ripped box, you should invest in quality moving boxes for fragile items. Furthermore, when packing items such as plates or glasses, individuals should ensure that each glass or plate is individually wrapped. Moreover, one should be generous when lining the empty spaces of the box with packing paper or bubble wrap in order to avoid a messy accident on the day of the big move. Furthermore, many individuals may own antique items that have been passed from generation to generation. Hence, as you understand the importance of these items you should be very liberal with bubble wrap and tape. Moreover, ensure that you place these items in boxes that are the same size as the item to make sure that the item is snug within the box. However, if your budget allows it you can always opt for a removalists North Shore service as these individuals would be professionals with experience in handling and packing such fragile items.

Packing Furniture

When, packing furniture the first step would be to disassemble any heavy furniture items that can come apart. Moreover, if items such as desks or wardrobes cannot be disassembled then they should be emptied as it would make it easier to move them. However, one must note that they have to keep all these parts together. Furthermore, for safe keeping screws, bolts and other small pieces can be placed in marked Ziploc bags. Moreover, one should be aware that certain furniture items can be damaged during the move. Thus, to prevent this ordeal one can utilize furniture padding to protect their items. However, if you are unable to disassemble these items by yourself, you can always call a removalists company to assist you.

Packing Clothing Items

Although individual pieces of clothing would not be heavy one has to realize that filling a cardboard box with such clothing can quickly become too heavy for one person to lug up and down the stairs. Thus, one can instead utilize trash bags to pack their clothes as it would be lighter and also an economically sound option. Furthermore, one can also use the suitcases or other travel bags that they already own instead of spending money.

Although packing up an entire house may seem impossible at first, with these tips one can ensure that they streamline the process.


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