How To Make The Perfect Scrap Book From Scratch?

As humans we all have a habit of collecting memories in the form of pictures, videos, thoughts or even in writing. We are memory hoarders and the main reason for that is whether good or bad, we always like to and have a need to go back to the old times in our lives. Scrap books are a perfect way of making sure your memories never grow old! Sometimes even if we want to remember a certain incident we end up forgetting it ever happened because of other things in our minds! However, having a scrap book will put an end to that. When you have a scrap book filled with lots and lots of loving memories, all you have to do is take one look at your book and head to the times that have passed. Putting a scrap book together is actually not very hard once you get a hold of the basic rules.

Gather pictures

The first thing you have to do is gather the pictures that you want to include in your scrap book. It could be pictures of all kinds, from when you were a mere baby to when you had your last hang out with your best friends. Anything is fine as long as it brings back nostalgic memories! If you want to frame certain pictures you can do so as some books allow you to put together framed pictures! Head to a near framer, such as Melbourne picture framers and then get your pictures all framed or laminated if you want to!

Additional details

Apart from the pictures you want to include in your scrap book, there could be extra details that can be added such as certain decorations, certain objects that resemble a memory like letters, notes and even materialistic things. Along with your scrap book you can even make some posters out of pictures you have, this would indeed be a nice thing to have in your bedroom. Poster services like a custom framing Melbourne, will help you out with framing your posters so you could have that with your book to look at every time you want to regress back to your old memories.

Put the pages together

Once you have all the details you need to put it together, start doing so. Take your store bought scrap book out and plan a small layout, then start adding the framed or non-framed pictures in. You can start decorating once the pictures are added, by using certain products like glitter, glitter glue, cut out shapes and even plastic beads.

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