Heavy Rain And The Repercussions Of It.

One might wonder if rain can cause any damage to mankind or the environment. It is good for us to have rains as the rain helps cool of the earth. The rain water is used in harvesting and the cultivation process. Rain water is stored and purified and used to provide water for many areas. However, while rain can be of many benefits, heavy rain in the other hand can also cause destructions and damages to mankind.

Travelling becomes a disaster during rain.

A gloomy rainy day is an ideal weather for a person to be cosy and comfortable at home. However, it is a complete night mare for those who should step out of their homes to go to work, school and other activities. Any outdoor activity becomes a complete mess due to heavy rain. Pedestrians find it difficult to reach their destinations as they will have to go through muddy streets. Due to heavy rains there can be blocked drains Moorabbin and blocked drainage systems which would cause a mess for people who are walking. The over flowing water from these drains might get into your shoes and socks. These drains even have the risk of drowning a pedestrian who is unaware of its location. Passing vehicles might splash water on to your clothes and therefore, it is always wise to take a vehicle during heavy rain. However, the usual traffic becomes terrific and worse during heavy rains. This is because, vehicles are supposed to reduce their speed limits during rains to prevent from any road accidents. Thereby, the usual one-hour journey would take up to three to four hours.

Your house atmosphere gets disturbed.

Your garden becomes a pond during heavy rain. It may destroy your beautiful plants and this makes your day to day house activities such as drying clothes, and grooming the plants difficult. Rainy days are times where there will be blocked water systems and you will have to make several calls to fix your water systems as plumbers are one set of people who will be at demand during heavy rain fall. Heavy rain might even cause damages to your house roofing causing rain water to drip into your house. Visit this link http://www.ezyplumb.com.au/ for more info on Brighton pumbers.

Natural disasters during rain.

Heavy rains have the potential of causing many natural disasters. In the event where there is a high rain fall after a period of drought, mudslides may take place causing heavy destructions. Mudslides usually occur in hills and in areas with tunnels. This would cause destruction to many homes and lives. Another major disaster that can occur due to heavy rain is floods. Sometimes, disaster management sectors can cumulate a flood and warn the public about it. However, there are times where sudden floods occur due heavy rain within a day. This then destroys properties, peace and worse many valuable lives.

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